IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher – Cambridge | Edexcel | AQA

With 19+ years of Industrial knowledge & visiting faculty of multiple colleges in Islamabad for Business & Accounting Subjects at IGCSE & A Levels for Cambridge, Edexcel & AQA educational boards.

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AS /A Level Business

We are offering Business; Cambridge A Levels (9609), Edexcel A Levels (XBS11, YBS11), AQA Levels (7131, 7132), Oxford AQA (9625)

IGCSE Business Studies

We are offering Business Studies; Cambridge IGCSE (0450), Edexcel IGCSE (4BS1), AQA IGCSE (8132), Oxford AQA IGCSE (9225).

IGCSE /A Level Accounting

We are offering Accounting; Cambridge IGCSE (0452), O Levels (7707), Edexcel IGCSE Accounting (4AC0), Cambridge A Level (9706)

Why our course is unique?

Available for the students of Rawalpindi & Islamabad who can join me at Benchmark GTR campus, near Bahria Phase 4, Islamabad. Soon, you will see us in Bahria Phase 7 as well for the face 2 face sessions. Are you living far away? Don’t worry I have Online Pro Option for you..!!

I can understand that business & accounting isn’t a class based thing. To elevate the game, there needs working at off hours & that’s why recordings are here to smooth your ride..!! Want to check your learning after recording, its always bundled with Quiz at the end to analyse yourself…!! Some of them will be upload on YouTube Channel as well.

Who says I can’t understand online sessions? I give you a challenge to try my classes for a month & all you would say is Lets do Online..!! More than 85% of my students are taking online sessions & mostly from abroad. It not just Online, its Online Pro, Ex, Max, Tex.. 😉

We dedicate classes for discussions on each & every individual attempts. Together, all of us learn from the mistakes & improve rapidly. The sessions you would enjoy for sure!

Each year, we conduct grand sessions of 3-4 days for each subject. We give full course revision, solving questions from important topics, challenge questions & cheat codes for both business & accounting. 100% Students said, YES! We have improved during these sessions.

Do you know, where most of the Business & Accounting students lose? I worked in Industries for more than a decade & found this gap in the schools & colleges. Students got the grades but not the skill set as desired by the companies. That’s where my summer program comes in, I will help you gaining skills that will be used in Industries..!!


Doesn’t matter if you are from sciences, private or have less time. With our course you need nothing else but commitment!

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IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher Online

IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher Online


Worried about the teaching style, don’t coz we are not the ones who will “show off” during the demo session. I will share complete classroom video with you to see how things work in the classes.

Planning is the key here

If you are ready to make a plan, to act upon. You are at the right spot. I love the Doers & will help you out through out till you enter the exam hall..!!

Dicount for Groups

People love to spend on Pizza & Steaks but not on the education, that’s where my discount plan comes in. Don’t worry you can still enjoy the party with me if you are in town..!!