IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher – Cambridge | Edexcel | AQA

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What I Do?

I am an IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher.
I always try to Ignite Curiosity, Inspire Ambition, and Cultivate Business Excellence through IGCSE & A-Levels Business Subject.
With industrial knowledge of the business & accounting, I always help students bridging the gap by giving desired industrial skills.

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A Levels

IGCSE / O Level

Edexcel / AQA

Full Time Cambridge & Edexcel Teacher

19+ years of Industrial, Training & Teaching Experience with proven track record, 100% Success Rate, Distinction Holder Student, Improved grades by each and every student.
Being an IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher, I am affiliated with; Benchmark College, DHAI Education System, Benchmark School & LAC Online School in Islamabad.

A Levels Business Teacher

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My Experience

Visiting Faculty

A Levels Business,
Benchmark College System

2023 onwards

Visiting Faculty

IGCSE Business & Accounting,
Benchmark School System

2022 onwards

Visiting Faculty

A Level Business,
LAC Online School

2022 Onwards

Visiting Faculty

IGCSE/A Levels Business & Accounting @ Defence School

2016 onwards

Industrial Experience

Finance & Strategic Dept, NLC | Tehzeeb | PTC | Milanoz etc


As IGCSE; A Levels Business Teacher I have Alhamdulillah delivered 100% Success Rate since Inception*

Afzal Mahmood Shad

IG /A Level Business & Accounting