Cambridge has announced the exemptions for IGCSE, O Levels & A Level Students for particular subjects. As per the email by Cambridge International, it is offering exemptions option on selected components of certain subjects in Oct-Nov 2021 exam series.

This means you may choose not to take some components of selected subjects in the Oct-Nov exam series. You may access the full list of subjects and components eligible for exemptions on their official website as well as on this page.

Acceptable reasons to apply for Exemptions:

You can apply for an exemption if Covid-19 disrupted your learning because the component required restricted access to facilities and equipment such as instruments, laboratories, studios, audio-visual equipment, sports facilities, specific software, specialist material, working with others, e.g. in pairs, groups, or teams, which has not been possible due to school closures.

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IMPORTANT–Please read this:

Risks with exemption:

If Cambridge approves your application, then your final grade will be decided based on your performance in the component(s) that you do take. Therefore, you must understand the risks with Covid-19 exemptions before you apply:

  • The risk of the candidate’s grade being less representative of their ability is greater if they complete a smaller percentage of the assessment.
  • Candidates who are absent for an acceptable reason from a non-exempt component (including, for example, illness, the need to self-isolate, or a ‘lockdown’ on the date of the exam) may not have sufficient evidence for Cambridge to calculate and award an assessed mark for the components they were absent for. They would therefore receive ‘NO RESULT’.
  • You can find more information on Cambridge Exemptions for the Oct-Nov 2021 exam series here

Instructions for exemption applications:

  • Please check and verify the option code, subject code, and component codes in which you wish to be exempted, and then fill the form carefully with the correct information.
  • For each qualification, such as O-level or A-level, please make only one attempt to fill online exemption application for each qualification with correct subject and component codes. If you make multiple submissions for a qualification, then we will only accept the latest form as your final application and discard any information provided in previously filled forms.
  • If you are applying for exemptions in over one qualification, such as both O Level and A Level, then you will need to submit a separate form for each qualification with the relevant option code, subject and component codes.
  • Click here to access the exemption application form

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Deadline to submit the Online Exemption Form is 15 Sept 2021 for Cambridge Exemptions for O/N 2021

List of Subjects

Here you can find the list of subjects having exemptions available for Oct/Nov 2021 for IGCSE, O Level and A Level Students.

Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge O Level

Cambridge International AS & A Level

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