For the last few days, we have been hearing the news of IGCSE, A Level Exams (2021) Cancelled by Cambridge International (CAIE). At first, it started with Whales (UK) announcing that, “There will no Cambridge IGCSE /A Level Exams in Whales this year 2021. After Whales, news start popping up from other parts of the world asking same questions.

Will IGCSE, A Level Exams (2021) be Cancelled in Pakistan?

Well before making a straight answer, we shall look into the so far updated statement given by Cambridge International for Pakistan in which they stated;

The June exam series will run as planned in May and June 2021, but schools will have the opportunity to request exemptions from some exam papers, such as science practicals and language speaking tests, if teaching and assessment time has been disrupted by the pandemic.

Cambridge International Press Release on Dec 10, Pakistan

According to Statement by Ms Uzma Yousuf, Country Director Pakistan at Cambridge International, said:

“We consulted with Cambridge International schools in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan and indeed our schools around the world to inform our decisions about our May/June 2021 exam series and to develop a range of support measures. These measures will help students in Pakistan and around the world to achieve their qualifications next year and move ahead with their future plans.”

So far we can say that, students who may face any illness which is preventing them from sitting an exam paper, Cambridge International can give assessed grades, under its special consideration policy, provided they have completed most exam papers for a syllabus.

Summary of IGCSE A Level Exams 2021 Cancelled?

  • Exams will be held as per schedule in May/June 2021 and Oct/Nov 2021
  • Students who are not confident in May/June can appear in next sessions
  • Special arrangements will be made for security and health care of candidates taking IGCSE/A Levels Exams
  • Students facing illness can be granted “accessed grades“, if they have appeared in most components already (50% or more)
  • No predicted grades this year.

I know, the news may not be very intimidating for the students, but remember not to live in fools paradise. Let us fasten our seat belts and continue the hard work with more dedication and passion to achieve better grades. For latest updates, visit Cambridge International Page for IGCSE/A Level Papers around the globe.

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