This post is specially written for the Students of IGCSE Biology, IGCSE Chemistry, IGCSE Physics and other Science Students who want to know about this subject. Therefore, I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about IGCSE Business Studies mostly by the Sciences Students.

How long it will take to complete Syllabus Content of IGCSE Business Studies?

Frequently Asked Questions about IGCSE Business Studies

For the last few years till today in 2019, I am teaching the outgoing classes of IGCSE Business Studies in DHAI Education System, Islamabad. I have found that some of the students who have migrated from Medical or Engineering fields in even their last years have made it happen within 6 months of extensive study and have got up to A Grades, which was not an easy task to accomplish in such time.

The matter of fact is, some students may take around 4 years to meet the Cambridge IGCSE Standards for Business Studies (0450) and some may easily grab it in around 1 year with extensive study in School and few hours of extra time at their homes, preferably supervised hours by an expert teacher, can make them accomplish their goals in even less time.

Frequently Asked Questions about IGCSE Business Studies (contd)

Is Business Studies an Easy Subject?

One of the most asked question from Science students, those who are looking to shift from IGCSE Sciences to IGCSE Business groups and mostly by the Grade 7 students who are supposed to choose their Science/Business groups in next sessions.

Answer to that question is always simple and I mostly reply;

One can’t judge a fish by making it to climb on a tree but a fish can be the best at their oceans.

Afzal Shad

Its one of the Frequently Asked Questions about IGCSE Business Studies. Its all about an aptitude that matters and some may find IGCSE Business Group to be their home ground where they can sail far better than any other science subjects. However, to some its not a piece of cake as it requires lots of understanding and conceptual replies in given scenarios.

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Good Memory OR Logical Understandings? Your Type?

IGCSE Business Studies

There are students who are good at memorizing skills and therefore can make sure that their cramming be their major weapon during the battle fields of Cambridge Examinations. There is another group who are not good at memorizing definitions and formulae of Chemistry or even Mathematics. The later type of students are what Business Studies group is mostly looking for.

I mostly call these kids an unpolished piece of coal which are rejected by all their subjects and have tried their best to “climb these trees” but as they were made to swim, they got failed every second moment. Disappointed, Rejected and least motivated students having very less time comes and start sailing with me. This is happening for last many years, precisely around 15 years of my teaching career that these “unpolished pieces of coal” start sailing with me in waters and finally started shinning like a diamond.

The reason was simple, they were made to “swim” not to “climb”.

Is Mathematics compulsory with Business Studies?

There are many who don’t even like Mathematics or some don’t like to pursue Mathematics in A-Levels or higher studies. So, a good news for all Business Group Students that in IGCSE we have got an option of Mathematics (Core) syllabus which in simple words in nearly 60% of the total syllabus and have got lower difficulty level as well.

The only con is the max grade starts from “C” in Cambridge. (We can discuss in Points conversion as till this date, IGCSE isn’t giving results in points yet but grades). We don’t mind of getting “C” in Mathematics as if we are getting good grades in Business Studies, Commerce, Economics or even Accounting.

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