Complete Syllabus of IGCSE Business Studies for the Year 2020-2022 is updated with some minor changes by Cambridge International.

How much time is required to complete IGCSE Business Studies (2020-22) Syllabus?

According to Cambridge UK Syllabus Content of IGCSE Business Studies (0450) is divided into 6 major sections. These sections are mostly divided in 4 years (Grade 7 to Grade 10 e.g in Roots IVY Schools, Islamabad) or in some schools (Grade 8 to Grade 11 e.g in Beaconhouse Schools, Islamabad) whereas there are some schools that cover this extensive syllabus in 3 years (Grade 8 to Grade 10 in DHAI Education System, Islamabad).

What is IGCSE Business Studies Program of Study & Syllabus Sections?

As we mentioned that the syllabus is divided into 6 major portions by the Cambridge International but we make ourselves easy by dividing it in 8 modules as under:

Module One: Business Activity, Classification and Growth

Syllabus IGCSE Business Studies Year 2020
Syllabus IGCSE Business Studies Year 2020

This module will cover the purpose of business and why enterprise relies on entrepreneurs. The importance of what characteristics make an entrepreneur. The module develops the importance of ‘adding value’ as a business concept and looks at the different types of industrial sector where businesses may operate. The module also considers the issues of government assistance to new and growing business organizations. There is a focus is on the importance understanding the public and private sectors of industry and these operate in a mixed economy. The final aspect concerns business planning and how a business may structure a meaningful business plan.

Module Two: Objectives, Aims and Types of Business

This module will introduce students to the different types of business organisation and the importance of setting specific and purposeful business objectives. The focus is on the importance of having clear business objectives and how the interests of different stakeholders are met providing opportunities via enterprising business for achieving growth. It also considers the constraints upon a business in the pursuit of these objectives. The module further develops the concept of growth and the issues of business size and how this is measured and compared.

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Module Three: People in Business

This module investigates the role of people in business organisations, exploring why people want to work and focusing on their motivations for wanting to work; Motivation is examined as a source of business performance and how this can be improved. The roles of managers and their leadership styles are examined along with their employee relationships and management in business. According to the new Syllabus of IGCSE Business Studies for the Year 2020-2022, the module also considers how organisational structure can aid efficient performance and also considers the importance of internal and external communication within the business. The recruitment process and training of workers is explored in this module also.

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Syllabus IGCSE Business Year 2020

Module Four: Marketing in Business

Marketing is important management function that supports the strategies for growth and the achievement of the overall business objectives with practical product and market opportunities. Students are required to understand and apply the concepts learned in a coherent and structured way

Module Five: Production and Operations

Operations management is a primary function of all business organisations which organises the key resources to supply the output required for the business at the quality and cost the customer expects. Students should be able to understand and explain the resource constraints and consider how the concepts in operations management improve performance.

Module Six: Choosing Finance

Finance is an important business function and students should be able to understand the role of the finance department in meeting the need to finance business resources and what sources of finance are appropriate to fund operations and growth.

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Syllabus IGCSE Business Year 2020

Module Seven: Financial Accounts

The financial statement are important summaries of the business’ financial management for an accounting period and students should be aware how the information within the statements is used to interpret profit and worth and make decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions about IGCSE Business Studies

Module Eight: External Influences on Businesses

Business organisations of all sizes are influenced by the external environment that surrounds them. It is important that students are aware of these forces and consider the impact that they may have on business decision making. How will a change of government or a change in the economy impact on a business’s ability to operate. The growth of corporate social responsibility and operating ethically have increased in importance and these have impacted on all global business activity.

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