IGCSE, O Level Business Studies Exam Style Solution to the Questions. What is the purpose of a mission statement? [4 Marks] can be answered as follows:

Answer to the Question:

Motivate Employees, In case, if the employee objectives are well aligned with the Mission Statement of the business, it adds up to the motivation level and hence creates loyalty amongst them.

Stimulate interest for the external stakeholders, By offering sustainable solution having a positive impact on the environment e.g. producing a small tablet which can make dirty water, clean enough to drink.

The above question was 4 Marks question of IGCSE / O Levels. In such questions there is always a requirement of giving a Knowledge Point and its Analysis along with the second knowledge point and its analysis. As you can see above the same structure is followed.

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What is the purpose of a mission statement? – IGCSE / O Level Exam Style Questions & Solutions.

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