Chapter 8 Recruitment & Selection – Worksheet 8.2 Updated are available online for IGCSE/ O Level Business Studies Students. The chapter consists of topics including; Recruitment,  Job Analysis,  Job Description, Job Specification,  Internal Recruitment, Induction training, On-the-job training,  off-the-job-training,  Downsizing,  Workforce Planning,  Equal Opportunity Employer, Ethical Decision, Contract of Employment.

Recruitment & Selection – Worksheet 8.2

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If you have solved Chapter 8 Recruitment & Selection – Worksheet 8.2 Updated, Visit the Business Studies Worksheets Page to get Additional Recruitment & Selection worksheets. There are 4 worksheets in total, Worksheet 8.1, Worksheet 8.2, Worksheet 8.3 & Worksheet 8.4

How many questions I must solve accurately?

Normally, grade 8 students of IGCSE-I or O-Level can solve 100% of this worksheet if they have covered this chapter in Term 2 of Year 1. If you are unable to solve, you may require a Business Studies Teacher Online who can guide you with the concepts of Recruitment & Selection.

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How much time I should allocate to each question?

Total Marks of QuestionTime Allocation on Average
2 Marks (a.b style)2 Mins
4 Marks (c style)4 Mins
6 Marks (d style)6 Mins
6 Marks (e style)8 Mins
Paper 1 Style – Business Studies Paper Time Allocation

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If you have tried to attempt all these questions try to get these checked from your Business Studies teacher at school, Home Tutor or Online Tutor of Business Studies. If you are unable to access your teacher, or facing problems while understanding from your teacher, Feel Free to Contact Us.

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