IGCSE Business Studies - Paper 1 Format

According to updated Syllabus of Cambridge International UK for IGCSE Business Studies – Paper 1 Format is updated for years 2020-22. The written paper will be of 1 hour and 30 mins of duration and will carry 80 marks only. (Previously the marks distribution was same in 2019 and beyond)

The question paper comprises four questions requiring a mixture of short answers and structured data responses.

The paper assesses content drawn from the entire syllabus. Each question is introduced by stimulus material. For some questions candidates will need to refer to the stimulus material in their answers. The stimulus material may include tables, graphs and images.

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Paper Rules & Guidelines for IGCSE Business Studies – Paper 1

  • Candidates answer all questions.
  • Candidates should be aware of the marks for each part question. These are printed on the question paper.
  • Candidates should use them as a guide to the amount of detail and length of response expected and to help them manage their time effectively.
  • Candidates write their answers on the question paper.

The paper assesses the following assessment objectives for IGCSE Business Studies Paper 1 Format:

  • AO1: Knowledge and understanding
  • AO2: Application
  • AO3: Analysis
  • AO4: Evaluation

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