Here is the 12 Marks Sample Answer – A Level Business & IGCSE Business Studies students for Cambridge, Edexcel & AQA.

Do you know most of the students are very good in attempting their 8 marker questions. When it comes to the knowledge point, giving analysis or further analysis and even application of the question is not a big deal for them. But when it comes to the evaluation part, this is where most of the students face issues & that is where the Grade Drops.

If you are not good at evaluation, you are not going to get a good grade but if you get the art of evaluating an answer, business becomes a piece of cake for you. That is why I keep on discussing these 12 marker evaluation based questions with the students every other month in the free online sessions for the IGCSE and A level business studies students. Therefore if you are looking for getting maximum marks in 12 marker evaluation based questions feel free to contact me.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a multi-product business like mobile manufacturer of using product life cycles to help make effective marketing decisions. [12]

Do you know; Definition is important as if we are giving the definition it shows the examiner that we are aware of the basic terms used and it helps examiner understanding the vague portions of our analysis as well since we have developed a good first impression for our 12 marks sample answer.

Opening statement shows what side we are going to choose, this helps examiner to look for the points in favour of the opening statement and later look for the balancing points (however) for the same.

The first part of KN (Knowledge), AN (Analysis), APP (Application) & AN+ (Further Analysis) gives in depth approach to the analysis of the evaluation based questions in our 12 marks sample answer series.

Once both KN points are developed, now comes the “Balancing of Argument” which is started with the word “However” to give examiner an understanding that now he/she shall look for another side of the story.

Now comes the most crucial part of the question, that is its evaluation. It normally starts with the solution to the problems stated earlier in the however or other parts deliberately in order to make our evaluation look charming at the start. 😉 Once done, we will give the external factors which may change our decision.


If you are looking for more sample answers, feel free to join our Student’s Forum Board where you will get most of the solutions. Plus, it is just one 12 marks sample answer the more you practice with these questions the more grip you will have in these. I would highly recommend you to follow any structure given to you by any of the business expert, all formats and styles are fine in theory. This style is developed after many years of trainings with Cambridge trainers, book authors and seeing the ease of students as well. I hope you will like this one, & if you want more stuff related to Business feel free to follow me at Instagram

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