How to attempt 2 marks question in Cambridge 0450 IGCSE Business Studies? This is frequently asked question by Cambridge Students of IGCSE/O-Level Business Studies. Before reading this post, it is advised to give a quick look over IGCSE Business Studies – Paper Structure. Each Question in Business Studies is composed of 5 parts from part a to part e. The part (a) and part (b) of the question is a “2 marks question”. The first part (a) question may consist of the following types:

Type 1: Definition of a given term: (2 Marks)

If there is a term given and the question has 2 marks which clearly means that the candidate is asked to define the term as well as give further “clarification”. Giving just one word or basic few words answer may not give you full marks. Lets take in example of 2 marks question in IGCSE Business Studies:

Worked Example of type 1: Definition of term (2 Marks)

What is meant by a financial bonus?

  • If you write just ‘extra money’ or ‘additional money’, you will get [0] marks
  • If you write Money for good performance/ Extra money for hard work, you will get [1] mark.

How to get full marks in 2 marks question in IGCSE 0450 Business Studies paper?

You have to write any of the following terms in order to get full marks:

  • Extra money for performance that reaches target | You get [2] marks
  • Extra money for performance that is in excess of target. | You get [2] marks
  • Extra money for performance over and above basic pay. | You get [2] marks

Now lets divide these 2 marks and see which words are giving you full marks. Taking the last example;

  • Extra money for performance [1 mark] over and above basic pay [1 mark].

This shows that 2 marks are divided by ‘clarification’ of the extra money that is paid as Bonus. That means, Bonus is paid on the basis of performance in HR and Finance Departments, or on the basis of targets in Sales Departments. Everything is based on “Employee Performance”.

What have you understood by this example?

Find out the “keywords” in the answers which will give you pet marks in IGCSE papers. In the given examples the words, “performance” and “above pay” can be termed as keywords. If you are using these keywords in the answer, it would be pretty sure that you will gain full marks in these 2 marks question.

Type 2: “Identify” type (2 Marks)

This is the easiest question to attempt in IGCSE Business Studies. The question asks you to identify any two reasons, any two features, any two advantages, any two factors etc. There are 2 marks, each [1] mark allocated to your [knowledge] and identification of that type.

Worked Example of Type 2: Identification Question (2 Marks)

  1. Identify two variable costs that the business might incur? [2 Marks]
  2. Identify two advantages to a business of exporting its clothing? [2 Marks]
  3. Identify two reasons why customer service is important? [2 Marks]
  4. Identify two economies of scale that the factory might gain by increasing its weekly output? [2 Marks]
  5. Identify two possible disadvantages to business of having a wide range of products? [2 Marks]

To gain full marks in Type 2: Identification Questions, a candidate is required to just “identify” the term. For example in first question a candidate is required to just find out the “variable cost” in the information given and mention value of the variable cost only.

To attempt 2nd question (given above) a candidate is required to mention “advantage” of exporting. The answer can be of one word, e.g “increase potential sales” OR “spreading of risk” etc. Just few words can give a candidate full marks in 2 marks; type 2 questions.

Good News of 2 Marks Question?

Based on the discussion above, the 2 marks question can be a good news for the students who don’t want to memorize the lengthy and boring definitions, No need for that in IGCSE 0450 business studies now. Just remember the pet “keywords” and grab the deal in short time.

If you are looking to get help in IGCSE Business Studies, feel free to comment or contact. My social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) are mentioned at the end. Feel Free to Contact anytime. If you are IGCSE Business Studies Teacher, feel free to provide feedback on this writing. Your valuable experience matters a lot to me and my students.


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