I am using a-ads network for more than 2 years on my multiple websites. The question is that whether a-ads.com or a-ads network stops paying publishers? Especially I am seeing a drastic change in their trends after this COVID-19 issue. Now, How to increase earnings from a-ads network in current scenario. There is another option to Get Paid by Surfing Websites on Autopilot.

3 Things that can improve earnings for small publishers from a-ads network

There are multiple factors and I know most of the publishers are far experienced than me, but for a small website these changes can make or break your earning cap. Lets have a look at them one by one:

First Thing: There is always a “Minimum Traffic Requirement”

Lets have a look at the following graph and see how a change in my “total impressions” are making a big change in earnings. Interesting point is that they are not even required to be “unique impressions”. Just a lower cap on “total impressions are working for me. Just have a look number of impressions i am giving in one advertisement:

Stage 1: Higher “Total Impressions” with less “Unique Impressions”

You can see that “Total impressions” are higher than the unique impressions but the earnings are higher as well. This shows “unique impressions” are not only important but the “Minimum Number of Impressions” count too.

Stage wise comparison of a-ads network. Total Impressions = Blue | Unique Impressions = Golden

Stage 2: Declining “Total Impressions” with average “Unique Impressions”

Here the “Total impressions are far less and I am trying to stick to one rule. Don’t show ads again and again to the same unique visitor (as told by many publishers) but in my case this isn’t working for almost all of my ads in multiple websites. You can’t say its just one ad.

Second Thing: Unique Impressions won’t help if there is NO “minimum traffic”

The same trend is tested on all my websites and result was pretty same.

Afzal Shad Publisher

Stage 3: Average “Total Impressions” with higher “Unique Impressions”

Compare this stage with Stage 2. And you will see that the “total impressions” were nearly same in both cases but there was a good change in “unique impressions” here. But these unique impressions are NOT paying off even a single penny. Why? Initially when my unique visitors were less in Stage 1 but I had higher impressions then, I was paid far better. Now the unique impressions are even higher but I am not paid. I believe now you have the answer to how to increase earnings from a-ads network. Therefore we can conclude,

“Higher Unique Impressions” are dependent on “Minimum Total Impressions” too in order to get paid from a-ads network.

Afzal Shad Publisher

Third Thing: The CTR Rate even remained constant, Total Impressions would help alot too.

As most of the publishers are worried about the CTR rate and most of the Ads networks including Google Ad-sense is paying far better if your CTR is better. But in case of a-ads publisher network you can even play when your CTR is not so good but your “total impressions” are within the lower boundary.


To me, if your average impressions are more than 5000 per day for one advertisement type and your CTR is even lower than the average of 0.05% and there is a good mix of traffic from nearly all the countries (I don’t target USA/UK every time as I have a small website and little traffic) and I don’t want to waste my time in challenging big websites out there.

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