There are few websites that can make you a pocket money for just visiting websites. You can get paid to surf websites in Pakistan – 2020 Updated List of websites. There are two ways to earn money from your computer and internet without doing anything. YES, there are still many people who are paying you at handsome rates per hour by just surfing some websites. Please have a look at the process below:

Way 1: Get paid to Surf Websites (Manual Mode)

This is a pretty good way of earning online. These type of websites actually want you to Click on particular image / Enter some CAPTCHA code or Find the same images from 5 to 6 images. That’s pretty boring as you have to do such work after every website visit.

Advantages of Manual Get Paid to Surf:

  • Better payout rates per visit
  • You have good number of websites available

Disadvantages of Manual Get Paid to Surf

  • Pretty Boring as you need to click on images / CAPTCHA after every visit
  • You need to pay attention after every website visit
  • You need to SIT and DO the JOB and can’t do any other work.

Way 2: Get paid to Surf Websites (Automatic Mode)

One of the most easiest way of earning online in Pakistan is getting paid to Surf websites automatically. In this method of surfing, you are given a website to Login and Click “Surf Now” and that’s it. OR You are required to download a simple software which will do all your work. You just need to Download and add your account information (given to you by the person who allocates job to you). For the first time only, you need to add details that’s it. Woah! Software will do all for you and you can do any work you want.

Advantages of Automatic Get Paid to Surf:

  • Just START once and NO need to even see the computer again.
  • You can surf while you sleep (Just turn off the speakers as some websites may play sound)
  • You can surf when you are not using internet
  • You have Good Internet Connection and Good download limits, why to waste this FREE Data limits?
  • You can easily recover the Internet Charges from this system.
  • You can use any extra desktop /laptop to run this system

Disadvantages of Automatic Get Paid to Surf

  • Rates per visit are bit less than the manual surf
  • This may consume good bandwidth (Keep a check on your remaining data provided to you by Internet Company)

Get paid to surf websites in Pakistan – 2020 (Apply Online)

If you have 1. Good Internet connection and 2. Good Speed Computer (Desktop/Laptop) than fill the following form: (If you are using MOBILE: Click Here to Open Form)

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